November 24, 2014

Vincent Drnevich, Delon Hampton, Tom O’Rourke and Richard Woods were all honored at the ASCE Global Engineering Conference in Panama City, Panama on October 8, 2014.  Similarly to the Academy, they were honored by an induction ceremony.  The Distinguished Member Induction Ceremony is an event that takes place each year at the ASCE Annual Conference.  Next year, it will be in New York City sometime during the conference which will be October 11-14, 2015; all the previous Distinguished Members of ASCE will be invited to attend.

A Distinguished Member is a person who has attained acknowledged eminence in some branch of engineering or in the arts and sciences related thereto, including the fields of engineering education and construction.  It is the highest honor ASCE can bestow and is reserved for civil engineers who are either ASCE Members or Fellows. 

Whether elected from the membership as a Society Fellow or Member, Distinguished Members (formerly called Honorary Members) are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Society. The total number of Distinguished Members elected in any year should not exceed one for every 7,500 members. Members of the Board of Direction are ineligible for election to honorary membership during their terms of active membership on the Board of Direction.

There are another 14 Diplomates of the Academy that are also Distinguished Members of ASCE:

Clyde Baker, Jr., Jean-Louis Briaud, John Christian, G. Wayne Clough, Tuncer Edil, Richard Gray, Robert Holtz, Robert Koerner, Raymond Krizek, Charles Ladd, William Marcuson, III, Priscilla P. Nelson, Shamsher Prakash and Stein Sture.

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