January 10, 2018

In April 2017, the AGP Board of Trustees held a meeting in Las Vegas to discuss strategic planning for the next 3-5 years.  Prior to the meeting, four surveys were sent to various constituencies, including the Diplomates themselves.  Below is a summary of the meeting that took place as well as a summary of the surveys.  If you have any questions about the strategic planning meeting or the surveys, please email us at: [email protected]



The objectives of the Strategic Plan are threefold

1. Provide more value to those holding, and those seeking Advanced Board Certification

2. Increase the pool of Board Certified Geotechnical Engineers (D.GEs). To do this a conscientious effort will be made to increase the current number of 350 D. GEs to 1000 which is 8% of the current Geo Institute Membership.

3. Educate our clients as to the value of Board Certification and its result in elevating the quality of the practice of geotechnical engineering. Clients include, potential Board Certified geotechnical engineers, employers of said engineers, and users of geotechnical engineering services.

The effort to achieve the above stated goals will be achieved by promoting the value of Board Certification through all relevant print and electronic media, these will include but not be limited to placing advertisements and receiving editorial coverage; by participating as an exhibitor in related and well-targeted conferences and trade shows; by serving as official program presenters and panelists; by being sponsors of events that provide an opportunity to present the “D. GE Message”; and in taking advantage of like opportunities that may arise. These may include but are not limited to making presentations at and or to major engineering firms, government agencies, universities, meetings of high-impact organizations at the local, regional, and national level.

                                                    AGP Vision Statement

Board Certified geo-professionals are recognized and sought for high quality services.

                                                    AGP Mission Statement

To certify and promote exemplary geo-professionals who use their specialized education and technical excellence to contribute to the public health, safety, welfare and quality of life.

                                   AGP Value Proposition for Board Certified D.GE’s

Board Certification in geotechnical engineering differentiates you from your peers. It demonstrates high competence leading to personal satisfaction, professional success, and improved practice, resulting in superior service to clients and to the public.

                                                     Target Initiatives

 Alignment with the ASCE’s Raise the Bar Initiative

Spokespersons for the AGP program will participate in the ASCE’s overall “Raise the Bar Effort” by joining with other Academies in presenting and maintaining an awareness of the part Advanced Board Certification plays in achieving the ASCE’s stated goal in this regard and through its participation in the initiatives of the CEC.

 Possible Threat: ASCE’s “Intermediate Level” of Certification     

The ASCE is currently considering the development of a program that will provide an intermediate level of certification the criteria for which may not be as rigorous as those that apply to Advanced Certification currently only offered by the existing Academies.  This “stair-stepped” level of certification has the potential to mitigate the importance and emphasis on Advanced Certification. It is important that the AGP leadership be cognizant of the evolution of this proposed initiative and develop a position that will speak to the importance of Advanced Certification and the impact that an intermediary level of certification might have on the current program.    

Grow the number of D.GE’s

The current number of those holding the D.GE Board Certified Advanced designation is approximately 350. It is estimated that based on the data that appears in the 2013 McKinley report the pool of those eligible to apply for and receive Advanced Certification to be approximately 1,000. This number represents 8% of the number of G-I members who are possible candidates for D.GE Board Certification.

Engaging Younger Geotechnical Engineers in Positions of Leadership in the AGP Program                    

An effort will be made to encourage geotechnical engineers in the 45 year age range to become active in AGP initiatives including, but not limited to serving on the AGP Board of Trustees. See accompanying Action Plan for the first step which is to identify current G-I Members who fall into this category.

 Financial Goal

In order to achieve the financial goal of the AGP operating in the “black” at the earliest possible time it will be imperative that Recruitment and Retention efforts are successful. The reality is that given the criteria of Advanced Board Certification and the number of those who may meet those criteria from a finite pool of candidates, reaching this goal will be an on-going challenge. Meeting this objective is directly contingent on the success of effectively promoting the program as has been described in the attached Action Plan.


Any Strategic Plan, be it considered short, medium or long range should be reviewed regularly to determine not only the status of implementation but if changes in focus, direction, and actions are called for as events occur.



Survey Report (Word)

Survey Report (PDF)