July 31, 2015

Good news for those who hold the D.GE credential, the AGP was just recently reaccredited by CESBCESB is the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards, who is an independent, third part accreditation body.  Accreditation is a form of certification for the certifying organization.  Accreditation requires conformance with standards of validity, reliability and impartiality.  As an accrediting body, CESB provides basic criteria and guidelines for the establishment and operation of specialty certification programs for engineers, technologists, technicians, and related scientific professionals and serves as a recognizing body for organizations that certify individuals. It serves as a recognizing body for organizations that certify individuals.

Similarly to the Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineers (D.GEs) who must recertify every year in order to maintain their credential; the AGP program must themselves undergo periodic review for reaccreditation by CESB. AGP was initially accredited in 2010.  Maintaining the accreditation status of the AGP program assures that our certification process and related operations conform to nationally accepted standards and practices in the engineering and scientific specialty community. It also enhances the value of the D.GE credential, by demonstrating that they have successfully completed a rigorous application and examination process that has been reviewed and found worthy by an independent third party. The D.GE credential administered by AGP meet the high standards for accreditation by CESB.

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