Renew my 2023 Diplomate Board Certification Now

Renew my 2023 Retired Diplomate Board Certification Now

Continuing Professional Development Guidelines For Renewal

The Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP) uses the most recent edition of the NCEES Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines (August 2013) as the basis for establishing requirements for professional development hours (PDHs) needed to maintain the D.GE certification (20 annually). The categories of qualifying professional development activities and the number of PDH units associated with each are set forth in that document. Additional clarification appropriate to the specific context of AGP is provided below.  If you have any specific questions about what qualifies for PDHs, please contact us.

1. Qualifying professional development activities must be technical, professional or business-related and must benefit the individual's practice. Courses, conferences and seminars recognized by AGP as qualifying professional development activities include those sponsored by the Geo-Institute, DFI, ADSC and ASFE.

2. Participation in professional and technical societies is allowed 2 PDHs per geo-professional organization per year, provided the individual serves on a committee or board of the organization for the entire year. Examples of acceptable organizations include: ASCE, Geo-Institute, DFI, ADSC, ASFE, PDCA, as well as local ASCE geotechnical chapters. 

3.  As part of the 20 PDHs, D.GE's are required to have 2 PDHs in sustainability each year.

4. To meet the AGP requirement to achieve 2 of the 20 PDHs per renewal period in ethics, the following options are acceptable to AGP:

a. Participation in a seminar (in person or via the internet) specifically geared toward the discussion of ethical issues. PDHs would be computed in the conventional manner. Note that repetitive attendance or viewing of the same seminar/webinar would not qualify for PDHs in successive renewal periods.

b. Self-study of the monthly ethics discussions in ASCE News, prepared by the ASCE Committee on Professional Conduct. Reading and studying four of these articles is considered to be equivalent to one PDH, with a maximum of 2 self-study PDHs per year.

5. Up to 20 PDHs may be carried over to the next renewal period if an individual exceeds the 20 PDHs required.

6. PDHs for teaching should be in strict accordance with NCEES guidelines (i.e., repetitive teaching of the same course does not qualify, and full-time faculty may not claim credit associated with their regular duties).

The responsibility for maintaining records and documentation to support the PDHs claimed is solely the burden of the Diplomate. That documentation should include a description of the activity, sponsoring organization, location, dates, duration, instructors' name, appropriate certificates, paid receipts, and number of PDHs earned.

The Annual Summary of PDHs Earned form provides a convenient format to record and keep track of one's continuing professional development. A sampling of certification renewal applications will be selected for detailed audits. Those selected for audits will be asked to provide detailed verification for all PDHs claimed.

Track the PDHs that you've earned

Annual Fee

The annual fee shall be payable each year in advance of the last day of December. All fees shall be paid in United States dollars by check or money order drawn on a United States bank or online with a valid credit card. Diplomates will receive a renewal form early in the calendar year, one year after the AGP Board's issuance of their certification, then each year thereafter. The renewal form will require that the Diplomate:

  • attest to their continued active engagement in the practice of geo-professional engineering,
  • attest to their continued possession of a valid license to practice engineering,
  • *attest to earning 20 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) during the preceding year (including 2 hours in ethics and starting for renewals in 2015, 2 hours in sustainable infrastructure),
  • attest to adherence to the Academy Code of Ethics, and
  • submit an annual fee

* up to 20 hours can be carried over from year-to-year

The annual fee is set by the AGP Board of Trustees and is currently $200 ($150 for ASCE members).

Retired Diplomates

If you are not actively practicing any geotechnical engineering and are not maintaining an active PE license, you may renew as a retired D.GE - D.GE (Ret.).  Please contact staff to change your status.  The fees are $25/year or a one-time fee of $250 for lifetime retired status.