Panel Oral Exam

The candidate is to give a 30 minute presentation that should cover his/her professional work experience, with example projects as appropriate. Through this presentation, the candidate should demonstrate mastery in one of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) elements in application. The candidate should be specific about which BOK elements they believe they have mastered.

Following this presentation, the candidate will be given a series of questions by the examiners to clarify the full extent of the applicant’s experience.  The examiners’ questions will relate to the applicant’s specific presentation, as well as any other areas of his professional career as necessary to provide a basis for assessing whether the candidate has:

  1. Demonstrated advanced and accurate knowledge in geotechnical engineering.
  2. Demonstrated progressive responsible charge in the geotechnical profession since obtaining his/her P.E.,
  3. An attitude regarding continued professional development that is consistent with that of the Academy and ASCE, and
  4. Current responsibilities that include either routine performance or routine review of technical aspects in geotechnical engineering.

In addition, a scenario or a number of scenarios may be presented for the applicant to discuss and thereby demonstrate aspects of their professional judgment. These scenarios will not be provided to the candidate before the interview. The responses will be used to evaluate the candidate's understanding of geotechnical engineering and approaches to solving problems.

Body of Knowledge:

Geotechnical Engineering BOK


For any questions about the panel oral exam process, please contact us at [email protected].