Why Hire A Board Certified Geotechnical Engineer?

Through this certification, a geotechnical engineer has achieved an advanced qualification beyond licensure that is recognized by clients, employers, and the public. Most importantly, a Board Certified Geotechnical Engineer (D.GE) has proven extensive experience in their field of certification. Hiring someone with advanced experience and knowledge often results in better project outcomes such as:

• Enhanced project performance
• Initial project cost saving as well as cost saving over the life of the project
• Reduced project risks and liability
• Advanced project analysis
• Fewer unanticipated scenarios and project delays
• Reduced change orders and cost overruns

To qualify as a D.GE, a geotechnical engineer must be able to demonstrate extensive experience - offering clients, employers, and the public a means to identify engineers with qualifications above basic licensure.

What Makes a Geotechnical Engineer with Board Certification so Valuable?

• Certification recognizes the individual as a leader in the practice of their specific field of engineering.
• Certification demonstrates attainment of a body of knowledge within geotechnical engineering and commitment to stay current in new technological innovations.
• Certification demonstrates a strong commitment to professionalism through its ethics and continuing professional development requirements.
• Certification allows civil engineers to maintain significant input into the advanced credentialing process.
• Certification provides clients with a valuable tool to assist in selecting highly qualified participants on their projects.
• Certification supports the concept of Qualifications Based Selection (QBS).


Read more about the advantages of retaining a Board Certified Geotechnical (Civil) Engineer:

The Board Certified Advantage Brochure.pdf

Please contact staff if you would like hard-copies of the brochure.