March 2019


William Allen Marr, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, NAE, F.ASCE (became D.GE in November 2009)

Dr. Marr founded and leads Geocomp, one of the foremost providers in USA of real‐time, web‐based performance monitoring of civil engineering structures, including dams, levees, deep excavations, retaining walls, tunnels, buildings, bridges and utilities. Allen also has extensive experience in testing to measure the mechanical properties of earthen materials, designing earth structures, determining the causes of poor performance of geotechnical structures, developing cost effective remedial measures for troubled projects, and risk management. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineers and the Moles. He recently served as the President of the Academy of Geo-Professionals.

Dr. Marr has spent his 44-year professional career focused on incorporating applied research into geoengineering and civil engineering practice. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to identify emerging trends in research and technology and apply those developments in ways that produce safer and more economical solutions to a variety of infrastructure problems. He started his professional career teaching and managing research at MIT. Dr. Marr has made significant contributions in advanced numerical analysis, laboratory testing to measure engineering properties, monitoring performance during construction to minimize collateral damage, and application of risk management principles to underground engineering.