August 2014


S. Scot Litke is owner of SSL: Communications Consulting and a regular writer for the Deep Foundation Institute's Magazine in a new column called "Beneath the Surface”. He is the former Editor of Foundation Drilling Magazine and serves as an advisor to the ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling. Scot was the ADSC Executive Director from 1982-2009.

He is a member of ASCE and Geo-Institute committees including the G-I’s Deep Foundations committee and ASCE’s Residential Foundations on Expansive Soils Specifications and Standards.  Related committee service includes ISSMFGE Technical Committee No. 33, Scour of Foundations, and AASHTO T-15 Joint Committee for Drilled Shafts. He was a founding member and served on the Executive Board of the GeoCouncil, now the Geo-Coalition for Quality in Geo-Construction.

He has been the manager of 25 drilled foundation and anchored earth retention research projects funded by the FHWA, ADSC, State Departments of Transportation and related industry agencies. He was on the Executive Board of the National Geotechnical Experimentation Site program. In 2000 he received USUCGER’s Research Achievement Award. He was the editor of several geotechnical engineering and geo-construction texts including Foundations in Problems Soil,  by Steven Greenfield; Residential Foundation Performance;  Infrastructure: Evaluation, Maintenance and Repair by Dr. Tom Witherspoon, and the 1999 edition of the FHWA’s Drilled Shaft Foundations: Construction Methods and Design Procedures.

Scot wrote the Foreword for several geotechnical engineering texts and manuals including Nondestructive Testing of Deep Foundations by Hertlein and Davis. He was a member of the Organizing Committee for six Geo-Institute Specialty Conferences, and served as an advisor to the Geo-Institute in the development of Geo Strata magazine. He has lectured throughout world, and was the 2008 Schnabel Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Lecturer, as well as the 2002 Deep Foundations Institute Hall Hunt Lecturer. He received his Bachelors Degree from Ohio University and went on to Masters studies at the University of Massachusetts with further graduate studies at the University of Colorado.