May 2016


Khaled Charif is a registered, chartered civil engineer with a master's degree in geotechnical and structural engineering that was earned in his home country, Lebanon. His core specialties cover the areas of geotechnical engineering, damage assessment, forensic engineering, concrete repair and structural strengthening. Charif has been involved in a wide variety of large-scale geotechnical projects throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) areas and Easten Europe, from 2005 to the present. His expertise involves projects in real estate, infrastructure and the oil and gas sectors. 

In 2013, Charif resigned from Fugro, marking the end of a long technical and leadership position with the firm. He set out to establish his own civil engineering company, Phi Prime Engineering, located in Beirut, Lebanon. The company offers specialized engineering services that range from geotechnical to structural design, execution of earth-retaining structures, pavement design, hydrology, water networks and irrigation. He firmly believes that the only way to excel is through self-development and by having an aggressive learning spirit.

"Your eagerness to explore remains within your own soul, a feature that no one will ever be able to touch," he said.