September 2022


Dr. Findlay's 45 years in the dam safety, water resources and geotechnical engineering profession includes a broad variety of consulting and project engineering experience, more than 35 years of which have included near exclusive involvement with dams and hydroelectric projects. He has served as technical lead or lead geotechnical engineer on hundreds of dam projects and serves on ongoing and past Boards of Consultants, Review Panels, and USACE IEPR Boards. Dr. Findlay has worked on several hydroelectric greenfield design and remediation projects which have given him broad experience with water resources projects including earth dam and embankment design and instrumentation; powerhouse, spillway and headworks foundations; stability and settlement, liquefaction and deformation analysis; seepage and piping assessments; finite element analysis of stresses in embankments, gravity dams, arch dams and radial gates; finite element analysis of earthquake response of embankments, gravity dams, and arch dams; unlined canal design; water retaining structure remediations; cement‐bentonite cutoffs, secant piles, and slurry walls; grouting; anchor design; instrumentation; and dam safety inspections. Dr. Findlay has been an Independent Consultant on over 250 FERC Part 12 and other dam inspections, and/or a Potential Failure Modes Analysis Facilitator for clients including AER‐NY Gen, LLC, Alabama Power, Algonquin Power, AEP, Avista Corporation, Brookfield Renewable, California Department of Water Resources, Central Nebraska PPID, Central Vermont Public Service, City of Danville Virginia, Duke Power, Eagle Creek, Entergy, EGE Fortuna, SA (Panama), Eugene Power & Electric Board, Florida Power & Light, Georgia Power, Green Mountain Power, Henwood Energy Services, Inc., Idaho Power Company, Louisiana Hydroelectric, Manitoba Hydro, NAE Mass, Nebraska Public Power District, Niagara Mohawk, Northern Lights, Inc., PacifiCorp, Pacific Gas & Electric, PowerSouth, Reliant Energy, South Carolina Electric & Gas, Southern California Edison, Synergics Energy Services, Vista Irrigation District and WE Energies. He has also conducted numerous dam structural stability analyses for gravity, slab and buttress, embankment and/or arch dams for many of the above clients. Craig has presented and published technical papers on seismic analysis of dams, dam seepage, dam remediation, dam stability, grouting, reservoir erosion and in situ soil property measurement for technical societies including USCOLD, ASDSO, ASCE, ICOG, Canadian Geotechnical Society, American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Transportation Research Board.