AGP Engineering Leadership Committee

Within the next 3 years the committee plans to prepare marketing documents (PowerPoint slides and awareness documents) to present to leadership levels of major engineering firms (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.). The purpose is to expand the number of firms and individuals that support the concept and obtain advanced geotechnical engineering certification, the D.GE.

The steps in this process include the following.

  • Identify committee members
  • Organize the message - value proposition, brochure, PowerPoint slides
  • Identify firms
    • Most influential in the marketplace
    • Geographic diversity
  • Oversight/ organization of presentations/ presenters
  • Make presentations and obtain buy-in

The message will request that the following steps be taken by firms

  • Include working towards becoming a D.GE in engineering job description goals
  • Require senior level geotechnical engineering staff to obtain D.GE certification
  • Require senior level geotechnical engineering staff of sub-consultants to obtain D.GE certification
  • Ask clients to request D.GE certification for senior level geotechnical engineers in SOQs/ RFPs

The goals of the committee are as follows:

  • Make 60 presentations per year
  • Obtain “buy-in” from 1/3 of all firms for which presentations are made.


Joe Waxse, Terracon, Olathe, KS - Chair
John Anderson, HNTB, Richmond, CA
Robert Bachus, Geosyntec, Atlanta, GA
Allen Cadden, Schnabel Engineering, Philadelphia, PA (West Chester)
Frank Callanan, Geotechnology Inc., St. Louis, MO
Jose L. M. Clemente, Bechtel Power, Washington, DC (Frederick, MD)
Ivan Contreras, Barr Engineering, Minneapolis, MN
Jeffrey Dunn, Arup, San Francisco, CA
Ashraf Elsayed, Geotechnology, Inc., Memphis, TN
Kristof Fabian, URS, Seattle, WA
Michael Galli, Engineering Consultants, Williamsburg, VA
Jose Gomez, ECS Florida, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL
John Hart, Coggins and Sons, Littleton, CO
Ingrid Howard, USACE - Transatlantic Division, Martinsburg, WV
Frank Leathers, GEI, Boston, MA (Winchester)
Ray E. Martin, REM, LLC, Ashland, VA
Dak Murthy, RORE, Inc., San Diego, CA
Robert Patton, SBC Global, Dallas, TX
John F. Pizzi, STV Inc., New York, NY (Wayne, NJ)
Liz Smith, Terracon, Austin, TX (Round Rock)
Mark Stanley, HDR Engineering, Folsom, CA
Satya Varadhi, Parsons, Chicago, IL
Woody Vogt, Paradigm Consultants, Houston, TX
John Wallace, IGES, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

The committee has formed a PowerPoint Presentation to present to various A/E Firms.  You can access it by clicking here.

Please contact the Chair, Joe Waxse, if you are interested in joining this committee.


AGP Admissions Committee

This committee meets quarterly to review incoming applications for the D.GE credential. The application deadlines are as follows:

March 31
June 30
September 30
December 31

The committee meets soon after these deadlines via Skype or teleconference. As a member of this committee, it would be your responsibility to review your assigned application(s) in detail to ensure that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for certification.

Please contact the chair, Eric Zimmerman, if you are interested in joining this committee.

AGP Examination Committee

This committee meets periodically to give oral examinations either in-person or via Skype. As a member of this committee, you would serve as a panelist who would observe the presentations of the candidates to determine whether they meet the criteria of the body of knowledge at the expert level.

Please contact the chair, Bob Holtz, if you are interested in joining this committee.