Value Proposition

D.GEs’ technical expertise helps clients achieve project success. 

The D.GE certification recognizes geotechnical engineers who possess specialty education, extensive education, integrity and sound judgment.

What is the Academy?

The Academy of Geo-Professionals, founded in 2008, is an elite group comprised of over 350 Diplomates who have gone through many years of training and experience to become eligible for Board Certification. AGP was formed by practicing geo-professional members of the American Society of Civil Engineers' Geo-Institute. The Academy is a way to recognize engineers who have a special knowledge and experience in the field of geotechnical engineering.


The Geo-Profession comprises the individuals and professional organizations that work with the materials and processes forming the earth's crust, in the context of the built environment.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of the materials and processes forming the earth's crust, in the context of the built environment.


AGP's goal is dedicated to improving the practice, elevating the standards, and advancing the profession of geo-professional engineering. The Academy has begun its challenge to try and meet these goals with the oversight of our voluntary, post-licensure, specialty certification program for geo-professional engineers.

Validate your knowledge, expertise, and contributions to the field of geo-professional engineering with the Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineer (D.GE) certification.

Bylaws and Rules

Download the AGP Bylaws - .pdf

Draft CEC Bylaws.pdf (pending approval of ASCE Board in October 2022)

CEC Rules:

CEC Rule #1 - List of Administrative Units (2022 08 01)_0.pdf

CEC Rule #2 - Recertification (2022 08 01)_0.pdf

CEC Rule #3 - Baseline Requirements (2022 08 01)_0.pdf

CEC Rule #4 - Fees (2022 08 01)_0.pdf

CEC Rule #5 - Board Membership Rotation (2022 08 01)_0.pdf

CEC Rule #6 - Diplomate Categories (2022 08 01)_0.pdf